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Located in New Hamburg Ontario, Retail Advantage was founded in the 1980’s as a Point-of-Purchase solution provider. With a large offering of cardstock, vinyl pockets, and modular POP systems, Retail Advantage Inc. (RAI) was able to provide customers with affordable, and eye-catching displays to drive business growth.


RAI has since evolved, and while still offering laser print stock, and both vinyl and hard plastic signage, the company is now an industry leader in the pet retail market. As the Canadian Distributor of the iMARC Pet Tag Engraving System, and Yellow-Dog Design Collars and Leads, RAI now offers Pet Retailers quality products with strong margins. From the classic aluminum pet id tags to premium brushed aluminum with enamel ‘Pawsh’ and our ‘Dazzle’ line that sparkle with Rhinestone’s, Retail Advantage has products to suit the needs of any pet owners.


Retail Advantage is now leaning on the experience gained with diamond drag style pet tag engravers and moving into the Industrial Engraving industry. RAI is now proud to be the Canadian Distributor for Vision Engraving Equipment, a world leader in providing quality solutions for signage, metal work, glassware, and many other industries.



Give Your Business Peace of Mind


Retail Advantage continues to offer business in house solutions to their POP marketing needs. By supplying industry with the tools they require to manage their own signage, inventory, and POP displays, Retail Advantage gives other businesses peace of mind..

Moving into the Pet Industry


After establishing itself as an industry leader for retail stores signage solutions, Retail Advantage expanded its product and client base by becoming distributors for many of the top North American pet supply companies. By providing pet engraving machines and designer tags, leashes, and collars, Retail Advantage has become a go to supplier for both signage and supplies to many pet stores and vetrinarian clinics across Canada.



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